Cardiac Prevention Rehabilitation Program

Lotus Healthcare is a pioneer in running personalized Cardiac Prevention Rehabilitation Program (CPRP). Our expert team focuses on reducing and preventing the cardiac health risks and reviving patient’s health and quality of life with the help of Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medication, exercise and nutritional advice and stress management.

Who can opt for Cardiac Prevention Rehabilitation Program?

● Those who wish to prevent Cardiac disorders

● Patients who have suffered a Heart Attack

● Patients who have been through an Angioplasty

● Patients who have been through Bypass Surgery

● Patients who have suffered from Cardiac Arrest / Heart Failure in the past

● Patients whose Angiography shows blockages

● Patients who have undergone Heart Valve Replacement

● Patients with Stable Angina

● Patients with a Pacemaker

Our doctors and examine the patient and run various tests like 2D echo and TMT to learn and understand patient’s overall health, stamina, and medical conditions and decide a physical activity. Our team at Lotus Healthcare, explore various factors that may cause or increase the cardiac disorders and guide the patients for an effective diet plan, exercise and yoga schedule, stress management and proper medication to reduce and prevent cardiac disorders.