Cholesterol Reversal Program

Doctors often prescribe allopathic medication to reduce the cholesterol level person’s body. However, at Lotus Healthcare, we aim to take an active part in our patient’s health and fitness routine. Our team of expert doctors, counselors and yoga fitness trainers together work to provide personalized Cholesterol Reversal Program and reduce or eliminate the need for taking any allopathic medication.

Cholesterol Reversal Program by Lotus Healthcare

● Finding the root cause of high cholesterol

The doctors and counselors at Lotus Healthcare run various blood tests and stress test to examine the patient to find out about different aspects like stress, eating habits, work schedule, personality traits, and genetics that can contribute to high cholesterol. Once the root cause and complete perspective of a patient’s health are known, a personalized program is planned according to the individual’s needs.

● Panchakarma and Integrative medication

Cholesterol can lead to major health issues. Hence we advise our patients to continue prescribed medication. Our doctors at Lotus Healthcare may oversee or even prescribed Ayurveda medication if needed. Ayurveda has proven to be beneficial and effective in case of reducing the cholesterol. Once the cholesterol level is under control, we advise and help our patients to reduce and even stop the allopathic medication altogether.

● Diet plan and exercise advise

Diet and daily nutrition play an important part in managing cholesterol level. From the total body cholesterol, only 20% comes from our daily food intake. At Lotus Healthcare, our dieticians and nutritionists help patients offer a personalized diet plan as per their health and body needs. Our fitness experts help patients with an effective workout schedule. Even a simple cardiovascular like walking at a particular pace shows enormous results in reducing and managing cholesterol level in the body.

● Stress Management Counselling

Stress has a huge connection with cholesterol level. Our counselors at Lotus Healthcare help patients understand, face and solve their life issues effectively helping with stress management and cholesterol reduction.