Diabetes Reversal Program

Diabetes has become a worldwide issue, now threatening the health of younger ones, and eating out the major part of countries’ economy. We at Lotus Healthcare foresee and understand the increased risk of Diabetes. Thus Lotus Healthcare has taken a concrete step ahead with an effective Diabetes Reversal Program. We aim to reduce and prevent Diabetes India and set a new trend of the healthy change in the society worldwide.

Lotus Healthcare unveils an effective Diabetes Reversal Program

The studies have proved that a healthy diet and at least 30 minutes workout a day have lowered the risk of Diabetes by up to 58%. At Lotus Healthcare we have a team of Clinical Research Physicians, Ayurveda Doctors, Nutritionists, Exercise and Yoga experts and stress management counselors. Through our Diabetes Reversal Program, we achieve:

● Medical Assessment and finding a root cause of Diabetes

The thorough medical assessment of the Diabetic patient includes a medical history of the patient and their family history of the disease to find out the root cause of the Diabetes. The examination includes the tests related to Diabetes and for the organs affected by the Diabetes. Gestational diabetes is often found to be developed during pregnancy. Type 1 (Juvenile Diabetes) is most of the time genetic. Diabetes Type 2 causes mainly due to unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyle, stress & depression.

● Integration of Ayurveda & Allopathic medications

The first of any Diabetes Reversal Program is to control the sugar level. The doctors may prescribe the allopathic medication, insulin dosage or in some cases both. At Lotus Healthcare, after a thorough examination, our doctors may prescribe some Ayurveda medication. Once the sugar level is under control, the medication and insulin dosage is decreased and stopped altogether depending on the patient’s diabetic condition. However, a person should continue checking blood sugar level regularly at home.

● Nutrition Counselling and Personalized Diet Plan

Diet is very important for the diabetic patient. We gain energy from our daily intake of food. However, in the case of the Diabetic patient, the conversion of sugar to energy does not happen efficiently, causing the increase of blood sugar level. At Lotus Healthcare, our Nutritionists plan a specialized and effective diet keeping in mind the individual’s food preferences.

● Exercise Program, Yoga, and Meditation

Exercise is an effective way to lower the blood sugar level. While exercising the sugar in the body is converted into energy. Our fitness experts help diabetic patients with a precise exercise schedule advising the exercise type and technique and the time for how long the exercise should be done. Our yoga experts guide you with the helpful yoga exercises and meditation techniques to relax your body and mind.

Reversing Pre-Diabetics

People with pre-diabetes initially experience high insulin level and if not treated on time can become Type 2 Diabetic. At Lotus Healthcare, we not only focus on reducing Diabetes but our specialized Diabetes Reversal Program aim to reverse Pre-Diabetes using similar methods, which is easier than reversing the Diabetes.