Hair Loss Treatment

Hair is a crown to our natural glory. Hair adds an aesthetic appeal to our appearance and boosts a person’s self-esteem. People often suffer from Alopecia, what is commonly known as hair loss. There are various reasons and conditions that can cause hair loss, some of which are:

■ Aging

■ Malnutrition

■ Genetics

■ Side effects of medication

■ Autoimmune disorder

■ Stress and illness

■ Burns and injuries

■ Some cosmetic procedure

People suffer from different types of hair loss depending on the cause.

At Lotus healthcare & aesthetics, we use different methods to treat and control hair loss, Lotus healthcare & aesthetics help you control hair fall and regain your confidence. With the years of experience in Medical Cosmetology and specialized treatments like l0w level laser, stem cell therapy, Mesotherapy, and derma roller therapy, medicines, and home care our patients experience best results in hair fall problems and hair regrowth.

Treatment modalities helps to

■ Stimulate hair follicles

■ Stop hair fall

■ Increase hair strength diameter of single hair strand

■ Increase blood supply to the scalp

■ Repair hair damage

Hair Loss Treatment in Pune | Lotus Healthcare and Aesthetics Hair Loss Treatment in Pune | Lotus Healthcare and Aesthetics