Laser Hair Reduction

Many of them are looking for a solution to permanently get rid of unwanted hairs. With our latest laser treatment, we can help you to get rid off unwanted hairs permanently in a safest way. As the nature of hair growth differs, the number of sessions required to treat the hairs also varies. But on an average you may have to take 4 to 8 sessions spanning over few months to get rid off the hairs permanently. More treatments may be required in order to obtain the desired results, and will depend on hair density, hair color, skin types, the treatment area, and your hair growth cycle. Apart from this, you can also opt for yearly maintenance to trim off any newly grown hair.

Not just women, even men are walking in for Laser Hair Removal for Beard Shaping, Unwanted hair on ears etc.  

Approx 80% of hair reduction can be achieved over 5-8 sittings conducted at 4 week intervals.