This cyclical therapy is based on well planned nutritional need. This therapy gives almost 100% results in all indication of hair fall. This is side effect free therapy. One can see improvement after 2 months but takes several months for hair regrowth. This is combined with low level laser or mesotherapy . or PRP and home care. The Cyclical Program: 6 Oral Pills given in a cyclical therapy wherein each is given only twice a week (once in 72 hours). These oral pills are formulated entirely for hair & scalp need. Addressing very carefully the role of correct dosage, over dosages, time taken for absorption, sum total of all nutrients given and how the micro nutrients, vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants react with each other, they do relate to each other.

It avoids overdoages, toxicity and optimizes the function of each component & 100% Result Oriented Depending on clinical history, body constitution, nutritional assessment Ayurveda & allopathy medicines are given. These are given in these combinations so as to avoid nutrient-nutrient interaction and enhance absorption. It is developed after a decade of research on patients with hair loss and thinning. Hair requires nutritional support for growth through anagen phase and also needs support for maintenance. In the early stages in men it can restore hair along with home care as the hair follicles are alive. In females, the hair follicles are alive over many years and thus results are good. In later stages it plays a major role with hair restoration surgery.

Instead of fighting the cause, our new approach is to strengthen the root and promote hair growth. Provide an environment favorable for these 80% hair roots to grow, thereby restoring the original cycles and promoting more hair growth in comparison to hair loss We pay direct attention to rest of the 80% hair roots which are willing to grow.