Nasya - a Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment focuses on the nasal route. Nasya is effective in treating ear, nose and throat disorders. In this treatment, herbal oil, powder, and juices (swaras) are instilled through the nasal track to treat the disorders.

The process starts with a facial massage or a steam to forehead, face, head, ears, and neck to loosen the adhesive doshas. After that, a lukewarm medication is instilled in both the nostrils using a proper instrument followed by a massage to sole, shoulder, neck, ear and palms. After that, the individual is given a lukewarm water to gargle in order to clean the mouth and a medicated smoke is given to inhale afterward.

Nasya is effective in body detoxification, managing pain, and stress, and improving skin and hair texture. It also helps with eye care, immunity, and mental health.