Obesity Management

How would you like to lose weight naturally?  How about 10-20 pounds in three weeks?  Better yet, how would you like to lose those bags under your eyes in the process?  Or clear up your sinuses?  Say goodbye to your chronic aches and pains?  Increase your energy? Lower your cholesterol?  Reduce headaches?  Improve your overall health?  These are just some of the most common successes we've seen with hundreds of people who have done our 10 Day Nutritional Cleansing Program.  This type of program is simply an internal cleansing and detoxification that enhances and supports all the organ systems that play a role in the body's natural purification-including the stomach, small intestines, liver, kidneys, colon, and more.

Detoxification Is Rewarding:

 If toxins are not eliminated from your body daily, you will likely have problems with:

● Excess Weight Fatigue, Low Energy, Food Cravings, Joint and Muscle Pain, Acid Reflux

● Skin Problems, High Cholesterol, Allergies, Sinus Anxiety, Depression, Bloating, Cramping

● EHeadaches, Constipation, Trouble Sleeping, Hormonal Imbalance, Fibromyalgia

or these very reasons most people should cleanse their body every 6 to 12 months.  But perhaps one of the most popular reasons people use this detoxification program is for natural weight loss and to gain control over their weight and bad habits, once and for all. We all know that there are all kinds of fad diets, books, and supplements to try to lose weight.  We are bombarded constantly with the "Next great weight loss product."  Unfortunately, most of them simply don't work. 
  A detox program is different. It is not a 6 month diet, but a diet that helps you live a healthier life by cleansing, nourishing, and maintaining your weight. Furthermore, this is not just some product you will buy off the shelf and struggle with all on your own.  This is a doctor supervised program.  The Doctors at Integrative Sports and Wellness will personally evaluate you to determine exactly what you need and when you need it.  They will support you, guide you, and evaluate your progress along the way

Excess Weight and Health Risks:

Obesity is associated with about 112,000 deaths each year in the United States relative to healthy-weight individuals. In fact, it is more harmful to your health than smoking and alcohol abuse. In addition, obesity is a major risk factor for serious medical conditions such as:

● Type II diabetes

● Hypertension (high blood pressure)

● Heart disease

● Stroke

● Breathing difficulties

● Cancer

● Joint problems

The good news is that by losing weight, you can improve, prevent, or lower your risk for these weight-related health conditions.

The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss :

Let's face it, body weight equals calories-in versus calories-out.  Exercise and diet play a vital role. No question about it. That is another program all in itself.  But that is only part of the equation.  You see, if you are unable to eliminate the toxins, your body will actually manufacture fat to surround the dangerous, toxic chemicals. This keeps them away from your internal organs, to keep them from poisoning you. Pretty smart, huh?  But it's not so great if you are trying to lose weight. 
You MUST get rid of the toxins to have long term weight loss! Or to have good health in general, for that matter. No matter how hard you exercise or how well you eat, those excess pounds just won't go. Sound familiar.

Do we have your attention now?????
This purification program allows you to solve both equations.  You will replace toxic and sugar-laden "foods" with whole, unprocessed, organic foods-all with this unique purification "jump start" that uses tasty shakes and whole-food supplements. It's really a detox diet or a nutritional detox. This program will increase your body's natural detoxification process, while it feeds your body the nutrition it needs for optimum health.  As the toxins are eliminated from your system, your body will no longer need to manufacture protective fat.  The end result is shedding extra weight and keeping it off for good and most importantly, you get healthier in the process!  

What are your choices?

Today there are dozens of highly advertised ways to "detoxify" your body. Most people are not willing to drink just water, lemon juice, Cayenne pepper and maple syrup for a whole week (that's right-no food for a whole week!). There are those "detoxification" programs made up of high-dose synthetic antioxidant and vitamin supplements. These supplements are rushed through the body and excreted quickly via the kidneys and bowels-once again making you think you are purifying your body.   

The truth is that the only things that will actually detoxify or purify your body are foods that provide the biochemicals needed to enhance the organs of detoxification.  And that is where our Purification Program comes in. If you are already sick, nothing could be better for you than cleansing.  After completing a purification program, you will have a new mindset about food, your body, and your health. If you are already pretty healthy (or at least think you are), nothing could be better than cleansing. You may feel better than you ever thought possible.