Spine Care Therapy Programme

It is a personally customized exclusive program to relieve you of your chronic back pain or chronic neck pain in 3 weeks or less. Our program has four major parts.

1) Evidence-Based Medicine:

Our experts go to great lengths to ensure a proper and clearly understood diagnosis of your condition. We will use all or a combination of digital x-rays, neural conduction sensory exams, functional capacity evaluations and any other evidence based medical procedure needed to assist us in effectively developing the Spine Care Therapy for you.

As your treatment program moves forward our specialists will continue to monitor your progress through our evidence based medicine approach. This will ensure the fastest, easiest and most effective pain relief timeline for you.

2) Healing by Panchkarma:

The second part is Healing. This is one of the missing links to healing from chronic back pain and neck pain. Your custom tailored Spine Care plan will focus on the surrounding structures of your pain area with an emphasis on regaining balance, strength and endurance by panchakarma therapy.

One of the primary results from your plan will be the long-term avoidance of disc degeneration and the decreasing of strain on your spine.

3) Personalized Training and Lifestyle Modifications:

The Third part of your program is personalized training and lifestyle modifications. This is another missing link to healing your from your chronic pain. In this part of your pain relief program you will participate in a Holistic nutritional consultation with one of our specialists.

The goal will be to determine how your physical state responds to changes in your eating habits and use of supplements. Achieving this goal will allow us to empower you add foods into your diet that will best promote your healing process while reducing inflammation. You will also be coached on daily living activities that best support and damage your body's healing process.

4) In-depth Medical Supervision:

Throughout the entirety of your Spine Care Therapy program our medical specialists will be monitoring and reviewing your body's reaction to our therapy. The supervisory process we have in place will allow us to deliver you fast, effective and lasting pain relief in the shortest amount of time.