Weight Management Program

Weight management is a vital need in order to live a healthy lifestyle. People having Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and Heart diseases need to reform their diet and exercise plans in order to achieve effective weight loss. Lotus Healthcare offers an effective weight loss and weight management program. We focus on losing and managing the weight effectively in a healthy way, which is why our weight management program always works. Many of the doctors suggest their patients opt for Lotus Healthcare’s Weight Management Program because of our natural and scientific way of weight management.

Lotus Healthcare’s Weight Management Program includes:

Our weight management program is planned out keeping in mind the individual’s needs. As many of our patients opting for the healthy weight management program have some health conditions, we do the medical evaluation of every patient. Our team of expert doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts then draw out a precise and personalized weight loss and weight management plan.

● Exercise Program

Exercise and proper diet is an effective way of losing weight. At Lotus Healthcare, we provide an exercise schedule and every workout session is carried out under medical supervision and proper guidance. Exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise is necessary and effective in weight loss as well as it helps in to tackle various health issues like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, improving blood circulation, and lowering blood sugar.

● Diet Planning and Nutritional Advice

Along with the exercise, diet is equally important in weight loss. Our expert nutritionists and dieticians offer an effective diet plan to balance the calorie in-out ratio. The key rule of weight loss is eating small meals and healthy food and avoid fats and junk food.

● Rapid Weight Loss Program

People falling under the ‘morbidly obese’ category vitally need to lose weight due to the higher health risks. Doctors often suggest such patients various rapid weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass surgery and Bariatric surgeries. At Lotus healthcare, we like to explore the alternatives and guide our patients in a healthy way to lose weight. Patients have often benefitted and experienced effective weight loss through our Panchkarma and Ayurvedic medication and therapies.